ICE Audits Part of Nationwide Domestic Enforcement Efforts

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WESLACO – Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirms the audit notifications issued in the Rio Grande Valley last week were part of a larger enforcement operation.

During a press call, Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said there were 3,282 notices issued nationwide.

This enforcement lets businesses know they are being audited by ICE to make sure they have authorization to work in the United States.

"When we perform these work site searches and all of our work site investigations, our primary goal is to pursue criminal prosecution against those businesses who, frankly, their business model is based upon illegal employment. So, we will pursue all host of charges with regard to illegal employment of aliens to include tax fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, both against the company as well as against the employees."

ICE also arrested 899 people from May 13 through July 11 with final orders of deportation.

Albence said most had a criminal history or criminal conviction.


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