Immigration Authorities in Mexico Changing Process for Asylum Seekers

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WESLACO – An influx of asylum seekers at ports of entry are prompting immigration authorities in Mexico to adjust the way they’re processed.

Images of asylum hopefuls were taken by Patrick Timmons, Immigration, Border and Mexico Correspondent for United Press International.

Timmons spoke with CHANNEL 5 NEWS about these photos taken as part of his story.

He said the bridges connecting El Paso to Mexico held masses of immigrants.

Living conditions at the bridge were unsustainable and Mexican immigration authorities wanted to move them out as the cold front rolled in.

Timmons said the group of immigrants was hesitant to leave because they didn’t want to lose their place in line.

"Beginning of this week, Mexican authorities wanted to move them off the bridge. So, in order to convince them to move them off the bridge, they were all given numbers in a line. And those numbers obviously represent their place in the line,” said Timmons.

The changes to processing asylum seekers were suggested by Grupo Beta, a humanitarian assistance arm of Mexico's immigration authorities.


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