Impact of Mexico elections on border community

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Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to meet with Mexico's president on Tuesday to discuss solutions to the increase of migrants at the border.

Over the weekend, Mexico held its midterm elections to fill congressional seats and other local races, so how will the results impact commerce and immigration between both countries?

Texas receives more exports from Mexico than any other country, according to the Texas comptroller.

"You cannot understand Texas without understanding Mexico,” said Gabriela De La Paz Meléndez, a political science professor at Tec Monterrey.

Meléndez says with a majority in the lower house of congress in Mexico, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's Morena party could approve more nationalist leaning laws, impacting trade between the U.S. and Mexico.

After the February winter storm left millions in Texas and in northeast Mexico in the dark, some political experts say the president's strongest critics blame him for not investing in the countries federal power grid, depending too much on Texas' natural gas and stunting investments in renewable energy.

In recent months, there's been friction with northeast Mexico and the president's policy dealing with the energy sector, which in the end has local implications for Texas and northeast Mexico, another political science professor said. 

Meanwhile, Mexico’s president has criticized the U.S. for its investment in government oversight organizations.


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