International Bridges Prepared for Influx in Holiday Travel

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Officials at international bridges across the Rio Grande Valley say they're prepared for an influx of travelers this Easter holiday.

On average, the Anzalduas International Bridge in Mission sees about 3,000 crossers daily.

Rigoberto Villarreal, Superintendent of Bridges, said during holidays, the bridges see up to a 65 percent increase in crossers both to and from the United States.

In preparation, bridges have extended their operating hours and opened more lanes.

Long wait times have bridge officials concerned about the safety of travelers.

"We started having meetings with Customs and Border Protection about two weeks ago," said Villarreal. "We're concerned about safety, primarily dehydration... So we pass out free water and we also have transportation available to take any passengers to and from the restroom. Those are our primary concerns."

On average, people at the Anzalduas International Bridge will wait about an hour to cross during the holiday.

Villarreal said they have recruited more man power from Customs and Border Protection.

It's part of an agreement known as the 560, which is a reimbursable fee program from CBP to request overtime services.

Villarreal said they will be helping to cover the cost of overtime with $23,000 from the bridge budget.

He recommended travelers get to the bridges early in the morning to avoid unseasonably warm temperatures.


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