Investigation underway into vandalism targeting LGBT community in Brownsville

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The Brownsville Police Department is investigating anti-gay graffiti at the Convention & Visitors Bureau and the theft of the city Pride Flag.

Both incidents occurred on June 30 — the last day of Pride Month.

"The vandalism is an unfortunate act perpetrated by an unknown individual. It is unbefitting of our city and shows that not everyone has reached a point of tolerance," Mayor Trey Mendez said in a statement. "These acts are not acceptable in our city, which is one of inclusion and love. I have a simple message for members of our LGBTQ+ community — We support you."

Roy De los Santos, a member of the city's LGBTQ task force, said the vandalism and theft didn't surprise him.

People who opposed LGBTQ events during Pride Month left comments on social media suggesting they would steal or destroy the flag and commit acts of vandalism.

"People complaining that we were trying to force our views on others, which — it's not about that, it's just about exposure and awareness so that people are more accepting," De los Santos said.

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