Investigators Looking into Cause of Brownsville House Fire

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BROWNSVILLE – The Brownsville Fire Department is working to find the cause of a house fire. 

Crews put out the blaze that caved the roof of a home on the corner of Valladolid and Tudela streets, near the Brownsville Country Club. 

One neighbor, Eduardo Martinez, said he's still in shock after seeing his neighbor's house fo up in flames. 

"I've never seen anything like this before. I've heard about it on the news and stuff but to actually see it first-hand," he said "We got ladders and climbed on to the roof of my house, cause we have a lot of foliage that covers it up. So, we climbed on top of the roof to get a better view. And when you actually saw the roof caving in, you can see everything inside was on fire. That was really scary."

Brownsville fire chief Jarrett Sheldon said there were no injuries.

Count on us to bring you more information on the cause of the fire. 


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