Investigators Search for Human Remains in Connection to Capital Murder Case in Edinburg

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NEAR MISSION – Investigators have positively identified the remains found on a property north of Mission as belonging to 32-year-old Jose Angel Martinez, one of the two alleged victims in the capital murder case north of Edinburg.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's crime scene investigation unit recovered his body from a shallow grave in a ranch area off of Mayberry Road and 6 Mile Line.

Officials said they used Martinez's fingerprints and tattoos to positively identify him in the case.

Francisco Cabrera, who's lived nearby for about three decades, said he starts his day enjoying the view from his front porch. He said his peaceful view was interrupted Wednesday morning when law enforcement arrived at the scene. 

"Well, I was thinking something terrible must have happened," he said. 

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said testimony and evidence from a capital murder case out of Edinburg led them to the location. 

"I can confirm that we did find human remains buried here on this ranch," he told CHANNEL 5 NEWS. "Crime scene specialists and our major crime unit will be out here."

Guerra added it's one of the two scenes they've investigated so far. He said they found a machete at a first location off of Stewart Road and 5 Mile Line.

It's believed to be the weapon used to dismember the body of Martinez.

"He was dismembered and put at this shallow grave at this location," said Guerra. 

Last week, deputies responded to a scene of a violent assault on Mon Mack Road in Edinburg. One of the three suspects in the capital murder investigation, 43-year-old Hector Guerra, was arraigned Tuesday.

Authorities say it will take a couple of days to obtain autopsy results to determine the cause of death.

As for Cabrera, he said he will be more cautious. 

"I'm going to be more alert, I guess," he said. "I wouldn't like that to happen, any more crimes near me or else, I'll have to move out of this area."


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