IRS Warns of Fraudulent Activity During Tax Season

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WESLACO – This week marks the start of filing season and already tax experts are getting complaints dealing with fraud and taxes.

Numerous data breaches last year means people should be on high alert for this tax season.

The IRS is warning people about fraudulent people trying to take advantage of this tax season. This includes tax preparers. 

Irma Trevino, an IRS spokeswoman in the Rio Grande Valley, said cybercriminals are using emails pretending to be potential clients to trick tax practitioners into disclosing sensitive information.

Trevino said people need to watch out for fake tax practitioners, too.

“Whenever it comes to scams, be very careful how to select a tax preparer,” Trevino says. “Make sure you check the credentials of the tax preparer because you should keep in mind you’re giving the tax preparer personal information.”

Trevino says phone calls from people claiming that you owe money to the IRS are fake. The agency or any other federal government agencies will never call you asking for payment.

To check to see if your tax preparer is real: click here.

For more information on filing taxes visit irs.gov


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