'It's really unnecessary': Long gas lines and empty shelves seen as Valley residents panic buy

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A local public official is urging residents to remain calm following reports of long lines at gas stations and empty shelves at grocery stores. 

In Donna on Tuesday, a line of cars waiting to get into a gas station stretched for miles. Several gas stations in the Valley have even shut off pumps. 

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling is asking residents to stay calm. 

"It's really unnecessary...tomorrow is going to be 50 degrees and we'll be better," Darling said. "It's going to take a little while to stock up things, just because of traffic and icing all over the state. But it's too bad that we had this panic buying and a lot of people shouldn't be out, dealing with coronavirus."

Darling is asking residents to stay home as much as possible until weather conditions improve.


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