Javelinas Work with Valley Football Players

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WESLACO – Jaime Martinez knows the Valley well when it comes to football. Martinez a running backs coach and recruiting coordinator at Texas A&M-Kingsville says he can rely on Valley players to give it their all.

"I’ve been recruiting this area for 10 years,” said Martinez. “Whenever we get a kid from the Valley. There's going to be no question about his attitude and effort. The kids down here in the Valley play with a lot of passion and that's one thing we really look for in kids."

Another batch of Valley athletes took advantage of the Javelinas’ camps in the RGV this week. Several locals enjoyed learning from college coaches.

"It's very important. Kingsville's a great school,” said Mercedes senior Roger Adame III. “They always recruit a lot of Valley guys. I know Weslaco has sent some guys and also a lot of the Valley's schools have sent a lot of guys to Kingsville."

"We really appreciate it. You're learning new things from different people, It's not just that, you're with different kids from around the Valley,” said Weslaco East junior Enrique Avila.

Most of the players in attendance were seasoned high school players, but for some it was a glimpse of what it’s like to play at the next level.

"It's a lot more speed work. It's a lot more harder. It's really cool. It's a nice experience, getting to know the coaches and all,” said Mission High freshman Ivan Chavez.

"Like when I get older, I would already know what to do. I already know the challenges. Like how to get faster and what to do,” said Mary Hoge Middle School 7th grader Jay Vasquez.

The first football games for high school players and the Javelinas kick off the first week in September. 


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