Jewish Community Preparing to Light Menorah

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MCALLEN – The local Jewish community is preparing to light the third candle on its menorah.

For the third year, the city of McAllen and Chabad RGV are hosting menorah lighting for Hanukah.

The event at Archer Park will feature music from popular Israeli musician Yoel Sharabi.

Rabbi Asher Hecht at Chabad RGV said the Jewish community in the Valley is small in number but has huge influence.

“The longer I live here, the more I learn how the Jewish people have contributed not only spiritually in a religious perspective to the community but in every level of this community. In so many elements of the society here, in medicine, in business, in commerce,” he said.

Hecht said that the menorah’s lights are symbolic of the meaning of Hanukah to bring people together to share light with one another.

He said he hopes it brings more peace and tranquility to the world.


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