Job Seekers Advised to Research Disaster Relief Postings

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WESLACO – The Texas Workforce Commission warns job seekers to verify listings, as hurricane relief work becomes available.

A search on Craigslist.org reveals jobs advertising positions related to hurricane recovery.

"If you don't have a company backing any sort of posting like that, you should definitely proceed with caution, said Mike Gonzalez, a spokesperson for Workforce Solutions.

Gonzalez said, in the past, employees have reported losing out on wages.

Meanwhile, some Rio Grande Valley job seekers see the new job listings as an opportunity.

"It's been pretty difficult, honestly," said Erasmo Ortiz. He's been looking for work in the Valley for three months.

"Rebuild homes, trailers, construct the homes back together," said Ortiz. "It would be something really amazing to do."


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