Judge Appointed to Oversee Hidalgo Co. 93rd District Court C

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WESLACO – Hidalgo County is moving fast to make sure the cases of a judge charged with bribery keep running.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to officials about what happens next with the cases of Judge Rudy Delgado.

The presiding judge of the 5th Administrative Judicial Region has the authority to assign visiting judges to hold court in replacement of an absent judge.

This is the case Monday for the Hidalgo County 93rd District Court, Delgado’s courtroom.

A spokesperson with the 5th Administrative Judicial Region said they will make sure the docket for Delgado’s court continues as usual. His court handles criminal and civil cases.

On Monday, visiting Judge Robert Garza, a retired judge from Cameron County, was appointed to oversee the 93rd District Court docket for the week or as needed.

We’re told anything past this week will be handled on a day-to-day basis.

The fifth region says they cannot comment further on Delgado’s status or his case.


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