Judge Blocks Order of Removal of Voters under Citizenship Review

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WESLACO – A federal judge blocked state authorities from ordering the removal of people under citizenship review on Wednesday.

The State Elections Department released an inaccurate list questioning thousands of Texas residents in January.

A U.S. District Judge out of San Antonio ruled there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

KRGV’s Taylor Winkel spoke to local officials about what the ruling means for their departments.

Cameron County Elections Administrator Remi Garza says he is waiting to see what the court decides to do after his department got a list of about 1,600 names.

"We were moving very cautiously through the list. We didn't want to reach out to any of the registrants until we knew exactly what we were looking at," says Garza.

Court documents say local officials can continue looking into if someone registered isn’t a citizen as long as it’s done without communicating directly to the individual named on the list.

Counties are ordered not to remove voters from the rolls without court approval first.

Garza reminds registered voters must be a citizen of the U.S. and over the age of 18.

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