Judge: Infinite Properties Victims May Not Get Full Restitut

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WESLACO – A restitution hearing was held for defendants and victims of Infinite Properties.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS aired a special investigation into the company in November 2016.

Two months after the investigation, Rogelio Ramos Jr., Luis Rodriguez and Guadalupe Artemio Gomez were arrested and later convicted on fraud charges.

Judge Randy Crane is overseeing the case.

In court Tuesday, Judge Crane told nearly a dozen of victims in court, that they may never see the full amount they paid to Ramos Jr., Rodriguez and Gomez.

Janeth Morales said she dished out $13,500.

In Spanish she said, "They tricked us. They told us they were selling homes, and in the end, they stole our money."

The U.S. Attorney's Office is urging victims of Infinite Properties to confirm and update their contact information with a probation officer. Call the probation office at 618-8035.


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