Jurors Deliberate the Fate of John Feit

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EDINBURG – Closing arguments are underway in the trial against former priest John Feit. He is accused of killing Irene Garza in the 1960s.

The prosecution spent the morning reminding jurors of testimony about Feit’s aggressive attitude towards women.

They also asked the jury to consider how the church moved him out of the Valley right after Garza’s death.

Prosecutor Michael Garza reminded the jury of Feit’s previous conviction of assaulting America Guerra and that the other women reported him as well.

Garza touched on how the Catholic Church and the Hidalgo County sheriff at the time colluded to avoid a scandal.

The defense said there’s a lack of physical evidence in the case that can, with certainty, prove Feit killed Garza.

Defense attorney Oscar Flores questioned one piece of evidence – a viewfinder police say they found at the scene in 1960.

He said there is now an inherent bias against the Catholic Church from people who believe it’s shown a pattern of covering up scandals.

He added that bias, or the fact Feit was moved out of the Valley, is not a relevant fact in the case.

They said that one of their witnesses compromises the prosecution’s timeline, saying Garza was seen at the Sacred Heart Church after the time prosecutors claim she was assaulted.

The jury was released to deliberate.

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