Keeping pets safe during New Year's Eve celebrations

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New Year's Eve is a time for many to celebrate, but fireworks can upset your pets. 

Amera Hernandez, owner of Muddy Paws boarding and grooming in Mercedes, said this is the most problematic time for dogs running away from home.

"Every year we get a lot of clients calling to post lost dogs or a reward for their dog going missing due to the fireworks,” Hernandez said.

Dogs can be kept safe by leaving them indoors in the most noise-insulated room in the house, wrapped up in a blanket or t-shirt to keep them comfortable.

You can also have a recent photo of your dog handy in case they end up running away.

“If you're not going to stay home, you can leave the TV running or the music and radio and put them in a safe room where they can't get hurt or break anything," Hernandez said.


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