Killer Bees Mingle With Fans

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MISSION – Hockey is back in the Valley this year with the return of the Killer Bees.

They’re part of a new junior league called the USA Central Hockey League. The new league will have at least five teams this season and possibly a sixth team.

Each USA CHL team will play 24 home games and 24 road games. The league runs from October to April.

At a mixer tonight, league officials and team owners met with local fans.

“The biggest reason we’re back in the Valley is because of you the fans,” said USA Central Hockey League president Troy Mick. “You the fans supported the team all those years. We’re back here because we love the area. We love the people. The players that are going to play here are going to absolutely love being part of the community.”

Mick tells CHANNEL 5 Sports, the Killer Bees should name a head coach within the next 10 days.

The USA CHL will have two tryout camps August 10-12 in Ottawa, Ontario and August 17-19 in Chicago.

The Killer Bees open the season at State Farm Arena October 26.


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