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WESLACO – Hurricane Harvey's aftermath has closed hundreds of roads.  This may leave many drivers heading to disaster areas or back to the Rio Grande Valley on several detours.

Raul Esparza is taking off to Houston.

Esparza said it will be his first time back to his home town since Hurricane Harvey hit the coast.

"To see my parents that lives over there my mom, my sister. So far, they are doing well. But I don’t know how the road is going to be from here to over there,” said Esparza.

Esparza said he’s prepared with enough gasoline and believes he's going on a safe route.

The Texas Department of Transportation website Drivetexas.org shows different.

“When I get to El Campo, look at all this, there’s no way you can go through all of that,” said Esparza.

Drive Texas shows a map of Texas in real time and updates constantly. It shows you the road closures and when it’s expected to be clear.

Most of Southeast Texas is experiencing flooding closures.

Esparza said this could be a useful tool for him to use on the road.

"Maybe I can go around all the floods and try to get home,” said Esparza.

The website shows there are more than 250 road closures due to flooding. Esparza said he'll be on the lookout as he heads to Houston to be with his family again.


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