La Villa Focuses on Clearing Out Ditches of Debris Left from Floods

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LA VILLA – The streets are clear of floodwaters now in La Villa; the ditches are not.

Inside ditches is where slushy green water, floating trash and plants continue to grow around the inside of a cracked canal.

Some trash still sits in front of Nataly Marquez’s family home too.

Marquez experienced flooding up to her ankles inside her home and more outside.

She says the recent floods caused damage for her educational future than her parent’s home.

“Money is a bit tight and I can't use that money we saved up for college. We have to use it on the house to make sure everything is taken care of,” said Marquez.

City administrator Arnie Amaro tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS his crews are looking up problem areas in the city, including Marquez’s subdivision.

Watch the video above for the full report.


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