Lack of immigration reform overwhelming detention facilities, Cornyn says

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Ahead of his visit to the Rio Grande Valley, U.S. Senator John Cornyn discussed lawmakers touring the holding facility in Donna, where migrants are currently being housed on Friday.

Cornyn said he hopes the tour will change the minds of government officials when addressing immigration reform.

"Border Patrol is really overwhelmed," he said. "Migrants are living side by side."

According to Cornyn, the influx of migrants at the border is due to President Biden's removal of previous administration rules. 

But during his first press conference as president, Biden disputed that. The president said a system was in place to help deal with the situation but the previous administration did away with it.

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Cornyn said while he empathized with those seeking to escape pressures and threats from their home countries, immigration and asylum reform was his ultimate goal. 

"I think this crisis has made it harder for those of us who would actually like to do immigration reform to do so," Cornyn said. "Because people are upset, as they should be at this lack of a plan to deal with this surge of humanity."


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