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LAGUNA HEIGHTS--Laguna Heights residents are plastering posters hoping lawmakers get the message for safer roads.

Octaviana Sosa said it's still difficult to understand how a woman crossing Highway 100 was hit by a Deputy Constable, earlier this week.

Sosa told us she used to babysit for the woman who was taken to a San Antonio hospital for her injuries.

"Her little girl is two and my boy is going to be four, so they're almost the same age," said Sosa.

Sosa told us she helped put these signs up in hopes that they will get some safety measures in place.

She said the woman who was hit is in the same boat as Sosa, both single parents with no vehicle.

"Right now, I'm going to go to the store to go buy tortillas because I don't have any in my house, so i'm going to cross the street with the three of them," said Sosa.

We watched as Sosa and her three kids cross Highway 100.

A neighbor as well as photojournalist Juan Anzaldua went with them.

The other times, it's just she and her kids.

"It's very scary, very scary just to cross the street with them. I think we need a crosswalk, and a light because it's very dark here," said Sosa.

She's not the only one.

In the span of about five minutes, we saw multiple people, including other families, crossing Highway 100.

Sosa hoped these posters they put up today will help.

She said she'll continue crossing the dangerous road.

Tx-dot will set up surveillance equipment to determine if crosswalks are needed.

They will begin the study in the next few months.


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