Law Enforcement Increase Patrols Ahead of Spring Break

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PORT ISABEL – Police in Port Isabel say they expect to file charges against a motorcyclist involved in a deadly crash near the causeway.

Although the driver is still in critical condition, authorities are planning an arraignment when his condition improves.

Authorities say they will not release to CHANNEL 5 NEWS the identity of the person killed in that crash until the arraignment.

"It was just a total shock, I don't think you're ever prepared for that kind of news and it just broke my heart," said Betty Wells, a friend of the victim.

Sunday's deadly accident is not just on the mind of Wells, it's also on the minds of local law enforcement.

"She had a lot of friends here in this area. Everybody knew her. She used to go to the store then go home.  She was a good person a good person," said Cameron County Pct. 1 Constable Pedro Delgadillo.

Delgadillo said they are working to make the area safer heading into spring break.

"I'm not going to tolerate that.  We don't want accidents in this area. We want to make sure when they come here they are driving safe," he said. 

Cameron County Deputy Chief Constable Saul Sauceda said this time of the year is the busiest for law enforcement.

"You're talking about over 300,000 people coming in. Everybody wants to go to the island. We see accidents, we see reckless drivers," said Sauceda.

Delgadillo says they want people heading to South Padre Island this spring break to be aware of the law, as it could end costly.

He also said they work with other law enforcement agencies during this time to help with patrols due to the number of people going to spring break.


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