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LOS FRESNOS – Eloy Guerrero has been listening to conjunto music his entire life. As much as he loves music, he never tried playing an instrument until last year. Eventually, the guitar with four strings was calling his name.

“There was no one on the bass, so I was like okay this is your shot to shine,” said Guerrero.

After lots of practice, Guerrero was jamming a smooth bass. He soon found out playing with a band wasn’t all that different from suiting up for the Los Fresnos football team.

“If we’re in a tight game it’s really intense,” said Guerrero. “When you’re performing live it’s just a whole different deal.”

Whether it’s a conjunto class, performance, or football game, Guerrero says team work is the key to getting better.

“Communication with the band and team,” said Guerrero. “We have to do our job to get a good result, so we have to work together.”

“That’s why it’s a conjunto class,” said Conjunto class instructor Juan Longoria. “Everybody needs to be on the same page. Everybody needs to respect each other. He loves what he does.”

“Come and watch our conjunto band at a pep rally,” said Los Fresnos head football coach Patrick Brown. “They’ll start playing and all of our kids will come out of the stands and dance and have a great time. It’s a really cool deal. It’s something I’ve never been a part of before.”

Guerrero and the Los Fresnos football team are preparing for their third round playoff game against Lake Travis. Kickoff is scheduled for 1pm Saturday at Leo Aguilar Memorial Stadium in Los Fresnos.  


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