Local Anglers Worried for Alligator Gar Population

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UPDATE (5/23): Flood waters have receded and alligator gar fishing will be allowed starting Friday.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Comission ordered a ban early-May on fishing for alligator gar along portions of the trinity river.


WESLACO – Anglers in the Rio Grande Valley say the alligator gar population in the area needs help.

“A large piece of carp is what’s used to lure the massive fish that’s now being targeted more than ever in the Valley,” says one of the anglers.

The fish can grow as long as eight-feet long and live to be nearly 100 years old.

They’re called alligator gar because of their jaws and their rows of large teeth.

Local fisherman, Charlie Guillen has been the founder and main-administrator of the "Boca Chica Beach Legends" Facebook page for 10 years.

Guillen says his biggest concern is for the welfare of large-gar.

He says he hopes more anglers can get in the habit of releasing the big ones and only taking the small ones home.

The state of Texas is moving to protect alligator gar; new regulations are set to take effect in September.

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