Local Attorney Believes Migrants Falsely Claiming Sexual Assault to Gain Temporary Status

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WESLACO – As waves of migrants continue to make their way into the U.S., another issue is arising. 

A local attorney say false claims of sexual assault are becoming an issue among migrants who are seeking temporary status. 

Victims of these types of assaults are often granted U-visas, which gives them temporary status.

Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS 10,000 U-visas are available every year.

"I can't say that it can't happen, or it’s not happening, but again, we've never had any situation here where we were reprised of someone making up a story," explains Rodriguez.

Many times people falsely accused of these crimes don’t fight in court.  

KRGV’s John Paul Barajas spoke with attorney Sergio Sanchez, who believes this way of cheating the system is spreading in the Rio Grande Valley among those in the country illegally. 

Watch the video above for the full story.


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