Local Boxer Faces Busy Summer

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MERCEDES - A young boxer from Weslaco is enjoying a busy summer doing the thing that he loves.  His next stop is an international trip to Germany. CHANNEL 5's Ruben Juarez reports.

It's business as usual for Cristian Roman .  The eighteen year old has trained since he was a little kid.  Roman notes, "Over the years I've sparred hundreds of thousands of times,.  I've put in thousands of rounds."

The dedication is paying off.  Roman earned an invitation to compete with some of the country's best amateur boxers at the U.S. Olympic training center in Colorado .   "It helps you improve a lot, you know.  You come back home and you're more knowledgeable.  Not only do you have one answer for one certain style, but you have many answers."

The Weslaco East grad is USA boxing's top-ranked youth fighter at the 141-pound division.  "No days off.  You've got to keep on going.  Your day off is their day training.  They want it just as bad as you.  You got to stay in tip-top shape."

Roman's next challenge takes him to Germany where he will represent the stars and stripes at the Brandenburg Cup in August.  "Can't wait to let my hands fly you know.  Be slick and be fast and just be me.  I want to place gold over there."

Roman's goal is to one day represent the U.S. at the Olympics.  Reporting in Mercedes, Ruben Juarez, CHANNEL 5 SPORTS.


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