Local Boy Shares His Way of Celebrating Christmas

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WESLACO – Christmas can look one way to one person and completely different for another. One local boy shares his own special take on the holiday.

Among Santa hats, jazzy hands and delighted faces one young voice pushes through.

Many associates the holidays with what they see. For young, legally-blind Ashton Perez – the experience is defined by what surrounds him.

“That I get to be with my family,” he said.

Perez loves being around others. His mother, Melissa Farias, said friends instinctively know how to invite her son to join in the fun.

“Right away, they’ll just start describing. ‘Okay, Ashton, we’re going to run over here. Okay, be careful there’s this. You have to step up,’” Farias explained.

Perez won’t wait for an invitation though. He loves to jump in and explore the world through a different lens.

Perez’s mother said he’s following in the steps of his older siblings. They got him into chess, choir, sports and video games.


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