Local business partners with health clinic to provide free telemedicine service

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WESLACO – Many are skeptical about making a trip to the doctor’s office during the coronavirus pandemic. A Rio Grande Valley company is trying to make sure people can still get to see a doctor, even if they don’t want to leave their home.

When the first shelter-in-place order was issued, Dr. Pete Lazzopina knew he had to do something. Partnering up with Culture of Life Healthcare Ministries and Frontier Direct Primary Care, they developed a free telemedicine portal.

“It allows us to give great care people with doubts, without forcing them to get out of their house to get medical care and be exposed to other people, especially people who are vulnerable,” Dr. Lazzopina said. “We put out a call for volunteers and we got a huge response.”

Patients can sign-up here, press register and fill out their health history and contact information.

Medical professionals with the service can provide general consultation and some non-narcotic prescription services.

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