Local Daycare Centers on High Alert after Edinburg Attempted

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EDINBURG - Members of a Brownsville community said they’re still shaken by an attempted kidnapping incident on Thursday.

Andres Rodriguez Jr., 29, is facing several charges after he attempted to abduct a child from Albatross Daycare in Edinburg. Police were able to arrest him after the incident.

Iliana Lugo owns and operates a Brownsville daycare center. She said she became afraid when she heard about the attempted kidnapping.

“That’s something that the state has been working on for us. To do new regulations on how to protect the children here,” she said.

Lugo said she’s going through training under new state regulations. She said she’ll  focus on what to do when faced with an intruder.

“We’ve always had to have fire drills and weather drills, and they’ve added if there’s an intruder… So, now we have to have drill for that least twice a year,” she said.

Although it’s not required, the daycare owner said parents and guardians are always asked to provide identification when they request to pick up a child. She said she also plans to install a counter in her facility to keep track of who comes into the center.

Palmview Police Chief Christopher Barrera said they are working to act quicker in case another incident like the one on Thursday arises.

“The officer takes the next step into activating an AMBER alert, notifying the parents. From there, the investigation begins,” he said.

Barrera added that if it’s a kidnapping, the number one priority of the department is to capture the suspect and bring the child to safety immediately.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services regulate all daycares in the state. It lists Albatross Daycare in Edinburg as having a clean record with no administrative penalties. 


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