Local Disabled Woman Seeks Help after Being Sued Thousands in Taxes

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HARLINGEN – A disabled woman says she is on the verge of losing her home due to owed taxes.

Holly Ondo says she’s at risk of losing her home; she owes $2,600 in taxes to Cameron County.

She says when her parents passed away in 2005 she tried to transfer property to her name.

Ondo says being on a limited income, as well as other clerical and legal issues, prevented her from completing the transfer.

She says she knows she owes the taxes, but her income and ongoing issue with mail service led to her not receiving legal notices.

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid attorney Mandi Matlock says this is a problem they’ve encountered in the past.

"They find themselves in a situation where they're living on a property that was left to them by a parent, but they never cleared title to the property,” she says.

Matlock says the first step is to visit a Texas RioGrande Legal Aid office in which the wills and estates team will help get the correct name on the property.

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