Local Dog Owner Warns About Toxic Frog Species

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WESLACO – Wet weather means good conditions for frogs and toads, but that means dogs could be at risk.

Steve Foster and his Boston terrier named Wayland Blue had a rough few days after Wayland bit a frog.

“He was laying on his side, legs up, his eyes were just jumping around like crazy, foaming at the mouth, his stomach was convulsing,” says Foster.

He says he took Wayland to a veterinarian, who then flushed out the toxin,

There are dozens of different frog species in Texas; not all will harm pets if they come into contact.

Experts say the Bufo Marinus, or giant toad, is the frog species pet owners need to lookout for.

Foster says after his experience, he just wants other to know.

For more information watch the video above.


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