Local farmer harvesting crops ahead of freezing weather

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With cold temperatures in the area, one local farmer is taking the necessary steps to protect his crops.

Bret Erickson, senior vice president of business affairs for Little Bears Produce, explained that cooler temperatures make it hard to harvest.

Convincing some of his workers to come out and help has been difficult.

"We've got crews in at all of our different farms harvesting as quickly as we possibly can to get ready for the upcoming freeze,” Erickson said. “We're paying an incentive. Increased incentivized pay for the folks that are turning out to encourage them to come harvest."

Erickson says there are other steps they can take to save their crops like placing tarps over them to try to keep them warm. But he says it would take several hours to account for 1,500 acres of produce.

"That's the nature of farming. We do our best and Mother Nature gives and she takes away,” Erickson said.

The cold could also impact sales as the supply of some fruits and vegetables could be lower than usual, prompting for a price increase.



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