Local lawmakers weigh in on second special session

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With the special legislative session in Texas set to end Friday, Aug. 6 at 11:59 p.m., the second special session is set to start just 12 hours after that.  

Republican lawmakers will try again to pass an election overhaul bill that Texas Democrats stopped from happening during the first special session by flying out to Washington, D.C.

Local state representatives Alex Dominguez and Rep. Armando Martinez would not say if they’d return to Austin for the second session.

Rep. Dominguez did say a new version of Federal Bill HR-1 will be headed to Congress.   

This version of the federal For the People Act would:

  • Allow people to register online
  • Tighten campaign contribution laws
  • Create a non-partisan committee that takes care of gerrymandering 

Rep. Armando Martinez says what he's most proud of is spreading the word nationally and getting the attention of President Biden and Vice President Harris, in the midst of their battle over a large infrastructure bill.


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