Local Nurseries Prepare for Potential Freeze

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WESLACO – With the Rio Grande Valley under a freeze warning Monday night, many spent the day preparing.

Local nurseries are doing what they can to save their plants from the cold.

A freeze can be devastating for those in the agriculture industry. If proper steps aren't taken it can be a loss in potential profits.

"There's really not much you can do to escape Mother Nature," said Tad Dyer owner of Dyer's Nursery in Weslaco.

Dyer spent New Year’s Day preparing his plants for what's to come. With his greenhouse now packed with plants, many of his other plants and trees will be braving the elements head-on.

"We can't cover everything that would be 20 acres of frost cloth and that's hard to come by especially down here," said Dyer.

While uncommon, a freeze can happen here in the Valley and they can be devastating for those in Dyer's field.

"A few years back, in ‘09 maybe, we had a freeze and we did lose some trees and plants back then," said Dyer.

His plants and trees outside won't be completely unprotected.

"At the lowest temperatures that's when we will run our sprinklers and that helps warm things up a little bit because the water is not frozen it's not at 32 degrees but it's kind of a double-edged sword too, you can burn plants doing that it just depends on the species," said Dyer.

Depending on the type of plant, Dyer says it is possible for them to recover from any possible damage they make take during a freeze.

"A lot of the plants we grow are cold hardy. Some of the more tender tropical will get burned, but they won’t die. The leaves will get burned. They will be ugly for a bit, but we'll prune them back and they'll be right back come spring time," said Dyer.

For now, Dyer says he will continue to hope for the best.

To help protect your plants from a freeze Dyer recommends if you have potted plants to bring them inside.

For plants, you are not able to move he recommends you cover them with a tarp and remember to remove it when conditions get better.


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