Local Officer Explains Dangers of Disregarding Move Over Law

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BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville police officer has been hospitalized after getting injured trying to reach the scene of a car crash.

Officer Jesus Luna was involved in a two-vehicle crash near Old Port Isabel Road and Jaime Zapata Avenue Monday morning.  

“Keep looking and checking your surroundings. You have to keep moving your eyes,” explains Officer Bernie Garza, a driving instructor with over 30 years of experience.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro spoke with Garza about the move over law.

He explains drivers tend to brake immediately when spotting an emergency vehicle, but further adds, that is the wrong thing to do, especially if the emergency vehicle is behind you.

“Don't do that because we're already coming up at a higher speed. Then, we have to act diligently to avoid a collision,” he explains.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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