Local Planned Parenthood Joins Cameron Co. Fight Against Zik

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BROWNSVILLE – Other Cameron County organizations are joining health leaders in their fight to combat the Zika virus.

The Texas Department of State Health Services indicates there are currently 16 people in Cameron County diagnosed with the virus.

The Cameron County Department of Health of Human Services has been working hard to limit Zika cases. They’ve sprayed neighborhoods, gone door-to-door with information and have encouraged testing for Zika.

As county leaders work to keep the virus from spreading, another group is ready to make sure women have the tools they need to stay safe.

Planned Parenthood, a group which is focused on women’s health, is joining the fight. Paula Saldana with the local organization said fighting Zika is not what they typically do.

“We do pap smear exams. We do family planning, birth control methods, different kinds,” she said.

Lately, as the threat of Zika looms over the county, the group is gearing up women to help combat the disease.

“The Planned Parenthood Federation of America sent us some kits so that we can provide to women who are expecting or women that are seeking to get pregnant,” she said. “The kit includes the pills that go in the water - the standing water - that might have eggs of the mosquito.”

Saldana said the kit also includes a mosquito repellent and information in how to avoid Zika. She said all women should have access to the service “regardless of age, income, ethnicity or immigration status.”

Saldana said they’ll be handling out Zika kits and providing safety information on Friday Jan. 13 at their office from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The office is located on 870 E. Alton Gloor Boulevard in Brownsville. 


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