Local restaurant struggling to gain new hires

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The pandemic continues to have an impact on the restaurant industry as places that survived are now having trouble hiring employees.

Smokin' Moon in Pharr is offering $300 to new hires. Even with incentives, few people are interested.

"With that bonus, I only hired around five people," Smokin’ Moon spokesman Isaac Quiroga said.  

The Texas Workforce Commission ended exceptions for those refusing to get a job out of fear of catching COVID-19 at the start of June. 

The Texas Workforce Commission says all pandemic-related federal unemployment assistance programs in Texas will end on Saturday, June 26 - impacting nearly 500,000 people in the lone star state.

Although the pandemic has forced many businesses to close their doors for good, Smokin’ Moon plans on opening up two new locations at La Plaza Mall by the end of July and another location opening soon on Trenton.

Despite the new location, the restaurant has yet to fill up all the positions.


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