Local Sheriff Speaks on Homeland Security Secretary Visit

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WESLACO - Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was in the Rio Grande Valley Thursday with a message for congress about border security.

In a letter to congress, the Texas Sheriff’s Association asked for help to secure the border, blaming partisanship for getting in the way.

Willacy County Sheriff, Larry Spence, says he spoke to Nielsen about why Texas sheriffs should play a bigger part in stopping border security issues.

“The border is not secure and there's problems down here and no matter what's going on in Washington politically…We're  just wanting everyone to work together to get them addressed," says Spence.

He says Washington should spend more time talking to local law enforcement to have a better understanding of how to fix problems such as drug smuggling and trafficking.                                                      

He explains the Sheriff's Association believes "physical barriers" at strategic points as well as more staff and technology would better address the issue than a wall.

Spence says he is glad Nielsen met with local sheriffs and looks forward to working together.

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