Local Tax Preparer Deems President's Day as One of the Busiest for IRS

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MCALLEN – A local tax preparer says President’s Day is the one of the busiest days of the year for the Internal Revenue Service.

Frances Iglesias says in the last 20 years she has been preparing taxes, she has learned President’s Day is one of the busiest for her. 

"A lot of the clients are off today, so they come in on their days off," says Iglesias.

She says most clients have found the week that the holiday falls under is a bad time to try to get in contact with the IRS.

In a statement, the IRS recommends taxpayers to avoid trying to call one of its offices or visiting an office at this time of the tax season.

The IRS says going online is the faster and easier way to obtain 2018 documents.

Iglesias says she recommends her clients download their tax transcript online as soon as possible.

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