Local Veteran Seeks Assistance with Home Repairs

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SAN BENITO – Years ago and after two wars, Floyd Witt fixed up his home himself.

He purchased a small home in San Benito. Now, at age 83, he's unable to do the repairs himself and needs help.

"That was all eaten away," said Floyd as he points to wood on the exterior of his house damaged by termites.

Inside, electricity only works in a small portion of the home. Through unlit hallways, Witt runs extension cords to rooms without power.

"Anything I can look at here I can see needs repairing," he said.

The 21-year U.S. Air Force veteran who participated in the Vietnam War and the Korean War hopes he will get the help he could use.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the Cameron County Veterans Services office to ask about any resources available to Witt. The director of the agency said he will be going to visit Witt to speak about his issues.

"We want people to come and look for us so we can help you out," said Salvador Castillo, the director of the agency.

He said he will look into directing resources from outside agencies to help Witt with his needs.


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