Local Woman Says Bathroom Still Not Fixed After Complaint Filed Months Ago

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WESLACO - A local woman is urging her property manager to finish rebuilding her bathroom after a week.

Benita Nilo says she filed a complaint about rust over three months ago, but now her bathroom is unusable.

“The bath tub is messed up, it's got mold, it's rusty, and it hasn't been fixed. We told the manager about this issue a while back and she has not fixed it,” says Nilo.

She says after her first complaint, minor repairs were made but her bathtub and tiles kept deteriorating.

Nilo says she, along with her seven-year-old daughter, hasn’t been able to shower in their home for eight days.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the property manager.

She says she is aware of the complaints filed over three months ago and hasn’t seen the damage in person herself.

She says the tub was estimated to arrive today, but added maintenance is working on other projects as well.

Nilo is under the Housing for Urban Development Program.

The spokesman for the Weslaco Housing Authority says tenants need to file any complaints with the property managers directly.

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