Local Woman Warns about Fraudulent Checks in Mail

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WESLACO – A local woman is warning about criminals using federal and local authorities to make fraudulent activity seem legal.

Sylvia Luna says she received a package marked as urgent in the mail.

Luna says she received a check with more than $1,000 and another months later worth $2,000.

She says the checks came with a letter from a company posing to be with Dr. Pepper, and the other a car wrapping business.

The letters instructed Luna to deposit the check and send back a copy of the deposit slip.

“They said I can keep $500 out of it and they would send me a $200 gift card from Amazon, and the rest of the money I had to send it back," she says.

Luna says when she didn’t deposit the check, she received a text message saying she had to deposit the money or the FBI and local authorities would be notified.

KRGV’s Angelo Vargas spoke to special agent public affairs officer Michelle Lee about the situation.

Agent Lee explains this is a common scheme now mixed with new elements.

Lee says in most cases, checks will not clear, or there will be a return item fee.

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