Longer Wait Times at International Bridges Could Impact STARR Testing

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BROWNSVILLE – The delays at local international bridges continue; drivers are sitting in lines for up to three hours.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS wanted to know if school districts had any plans in place for kids who might be late for the STAAR tests starting next week.

Acting principal for Grulla High School, Adolfo Pena, explains what happens if students don’t show up to testing on time.

"No, students can arrive late and as long as the student are here that day, and we do follow the proper procedures, testing procedures like I said as long as the student don't leave the testing site we are allowed to read the instructions and testing information to the students and then place them with the rest that are testing," says Pena.

Pena adds if a student is absent they have a four-day window to take the test.

KRGV's Taylor Winkel has the details. 

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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