Looming Cow Carcass Stench Irritating Valley Neighborhood

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UPDATE (3/20): A dead cow that was causing a stink for a neighborhood north of Weslaco is now gone.

The owner of the ranch on Mile 14 moved the dead cow that was sitting within a few hundred feet from the neighborhood.


NEAR WESLACO – The cow has been dead for days. The sun is strong and the wind is blowing the scent into a neighborhood just north of Weslaco.

Families endured the smell as their kids were home for spring break.

Arnold Tellez spotted the dead cow on an adjacent property. The neighborhood sits right next to a ranch.

"Everybody that's around, my neighbors, they complain about it too," said Tellez. "But they could never see where the smell was coming from."

The dead cow has stunk up the neighborhood for a week before Tellez called CHANNEL 5 NEWS. We reached out to the ranch property owner, who said the cow died while giving birth.

The ranch owner said it's the first time he heard the carcass was a problem. He said he would tell staff to address the problem right away.

"For the sake of the neighborhood," said Tellez.

He hopes this will be a permanent fix.


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