Lopez Counselor Helping Needy Students

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BROWNSVILLE--  A Lopez High School counselor is giving back this Christmas season.

Site Coordinator Cynthia Saldana's job is to help students that are most at-risk for dropping out of high school. About 140 students fall under that category.

"The repeaters, the ones that are failing, failed EOC, the ones that are homeless, some of them are parents, the ones that are pregnant at the moment," Saldana.

Saldana receives funds from the grant-funded organization communities in schools -- she's allowed to allocate up to $150 for each at-risk student, for clothes, shoes, food or any hygiene products they may need.

"That's something that's amazing because I mean they never get to hold new clothes and sweaters, and I always try to get them the best of the best," Saldana said.

She started a Facebook page called "donations for needy students" to help the students beyond the $150. That money raised enough for quinceañera for one student, Petra Colon.

"She explained my situation to other people and everybody decided to help, because they felt glad to help me, so I was excited for that," Colon said.


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