Los Fresnos resident struggling with flooding issues

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Areas of Cameron County are still under water as rains continue to pass through the area, causing problems for Los Fresnos residents like Yancie Branham.

"I was going to go to Stripes but right down there it's like two or three feet deep trying to get up on Highway 100,” Branham said. “So I had to turn around and come back. And this happens every time it rains real hard.”

With no place to take his vehicles when the rains cause flooding, Branham focuses on what he can save in his front yard first.

It's more than homes being damaged. Several vehicles tested the waters throughout the day. It’s why clearing roadways is the main focus for the Cameron County Emergency Management department. They’re warning drivers to be smart on the road during storms. 

"We have our pumps going and we're trying to get it off of the road,” Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hushen said. “We're working with state partners as well to see if we can mitigate that. Some of those roads the water's rushing over and if it floats in your car, you're going to be swept away. And you just need to be careful on those roadways."

Hushen said his office has been performing high water rescues on vehicles since the early morning hours because people thought they could make it across flooded roads.

Hushen said the best way to save your money - and potentially your life - is to remember to turn around, and don't drown.


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