Los Indios Police Force Welcomes National Guard

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LOS INDIOS – A local police chief says having the extra boots on the ground at the border will be an important asset in keeping their community safe.

Los Indios resident Angel Urbina tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS he discovered a tiny slice of heaven when he moved to Los Indios in the 1940s.

He says after decades in the community, he’s now become one of its elders. He adds much has changed over time.

“When we bought here there were dirt roads, there was nothing,” he explains. “It has changed, grown and everything.”

Another change is set to hit Urbina’s border city soon. The National Guard is expected any day.

Los Indios Police Chief Jose De La Rosa tells us the troops will be an asset to his young department.

“We understand that they can’t do any arrest or anything else, just reporting and intelligence to the border patrol. But from there it will go to the local agencies that need the help,” he says.

De La Rosa explains his police department was founded two years ago.

He says two full-time and eight part-time officers service a large area.

“We are the only city from Brownsville all the way to Santa Maria in Cameron County that has a police department. About 40 percent of our calls are assisting other community here around us,” he explains.

De La Rosa adds seeing the troops at the border will send a clear message.

“The bad people will think twice before crossing into this area,” he says.

The police chief says his department is set to meet with Border Patrol next week to learn if they can be of assistance in border security as well.

They also hope to learn when National Guard troops will reach Los Indios in that meeting.

Urbina says he agrees the troops will make his community safer.

We also reached out to Los Indios Mayor Rick Cavasos. In the past, he’s been very vocal about wanting to see a completed border wall in Los Indios.

Cavasos said he would still like to see the gaps in the current border fence closed as soon as possible.

He adds National Guard troops on the border will be a positive and welcomed change for his city until the gaps in the fence are closed.


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