Made in the 956: Pedro Garcia and the Pharr Community Theater

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The first Made in the 956 story of the year takes place in Pharr, specifically at the Pharr Community Theater. 

Pedro Garcia, the artistic director and interim CEO, talked to Channel 5 on how his little theater is still going strong after all these years. 

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"Art is what I consider to be a heartbeat to a community," Garcia said. 

Garcia has been keeping that heart beat going for more than 25 years.

That's how long he's been involved in community theater, and since 2008 he's been running things at the Pharr Community Theater.

"We do some Spanish and some English," Garcia said. "I'd like to think we're pretty unique, not to take from other theater companies, but we do tackle a lot of local stuff."

Garcia credits the city of Pharr with helping to make it all possible.

"Every year we get some funding from the city," Garcia said. "The city owns this building. Why? Because they believe in community theater and other forms of art. "When you have art programs, the community is entertained, and if there's a way for the community to get involved." 

There is a way for everyone to get involved. 

"We always, most always, have open auditions for plays," Garcia said. "In theater's we need actors, we have a script, and we have 20 rows, so I need to cast 20 people, so they can do this community play, so it creates a vehicle for community members who want to be in theater. "We also teach the disciplines that go with becoming an actor, we're not a professional company, but we work like we're a professional company."

Even if acting isn't your thing, watching the show might be. 

"A lot of our plays are relative to our community, being that we do a lot of plays that deal with Hispanic issues," Garcia said.

One issue the theater is dealing with right now is that they need someone to come in and help them raise some more money.

"I am looking for a producer," Garcia said. "I'd like to see if anyone's serious out there who loves theater and has a knack for raising funds can contact me."

But whether it's to work or watch, the doors to this theater are open. 

"You can find the Pharr Community Theater Company on our Facebook page and our website which is Pharrcommunitytheater.com and find out about us, and come see our shows, or get involved if you can as well, whether it's sponsorship or if talent wants to be involved, find out when our next auditions are through our website," Garcia said. 

Pedro Garcia and the Pharr Community Theater - Made in the 956. 


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