Man Concerned about Illegal Dumpsite

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CAMERON COUNTY--A Cameron County man is concerned an illegal dumpsite could lead to Zika in his neighborhood.
     The dumpsite is located on the outskirts of San Benito. Francisco Melchor Flores lives nearby.
     "There was a container there and at one time there was a snake there at one point also rats and possums," Flores said. "I am afraid because the tires collect water and could reproduce mosquitoes with Zika virus."
     Flores said people nearby who have a lot of trash in their homes go dump it at the site.
     The trash could also harm the environment.
      "If we get a good amount of rain, it's going to be hard for this water to run down to some of these areas where the canals are prepared for floods and stuff like that. This is going to delay the water running all the way through. Could it get into the water supply? There are possibilities that it could," said Cameron County Precinct Five Deputy Constable Santos Sanchez.
     The precinct five constable has jurisdiction over this part of Cameron County. When the constable cleans up these dumps,  they are also searching for those responsible.
      "There are times when we do come into a scenario where we do find information, then we'll follow up with that person, open up a case," Sanchez said.
     Sanchez says the fines for dumping can be high. He adds that if someone is caught dumping a tire, they have to pick up the tire themselves and will more than likely be fined $500.


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